When Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Collide

When Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Collide, what happens to your case? This article explains how bankruptcy and personal injury cases work together. First, you need to understand the basics of bankruptcy. You must be aware of the differences between bankruptcy and personal injury. In general, a bankruptcy case involves a repayment plan for individuals or married couples. In these cases, repayment plans are typically three to five years long. In a bankruptcy, proceeds from personal injury verdicts or settlements almost always have to be disclosed. In a bankruptcy case, these payments are paid to a Trustee who is appointed by the bankruptcy court to manage the estate and pay off debtors. A claim is defined by the bankruptcy code as a right to payment. Therefore, a personal injury claim is classified as a claim under the bankruptcy code.

How To Know About When Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Collide

In a bankruptcy case, the insurance company’s goal is to protect its insured against personal liability. However, bankruptcy law allows an insurance carrier to dismiss personal injury cases by limiting the recovery to available insurance benefits. This means that personal injury lawsuits may be dismissed or weakened due to missing information. In many cases, bankruptcy attorneys do not want to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorneys will help their clients understand how bankruptcy affects their personal injury cases and make sure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

Whether or not a personal injury case is eligible for bankruptcy depends on whether the plaintiff is eligible to claim the funds for medical bills from the other party. A personal injury judgment can include medical bills, time off work, and pain and suffering. Bankruptcy cannot discharge these types of claims if the underlying cause of the accident was driving under the influence. For example, if a driver is at fault for the accident, the plaintiff may be able to claim the money from the other party.

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