Scissor Lift Training

The scissor lift training method offers an interactive learning experience in which learners are capable of retaining the learned information and then apply it immediately to the project site. The course is designed with two distinct objectives in mind; that is, to enhance the safety and functionality of the lifts and to impart knowledge regarding lifting equipment for residential or commercial use. The scissor lift training method uses a hands-on method to train participants on how to operate, maintain and safely store scissor lifts. There are two main parts to this training method. The first part involves the process by which learners create a virtual platform and the second part involves learning how to lift and place various kinds of platforms on the scissor lift. Click this link for more info.

Know the Requirements

The scissor lift training method offers practical, hands-on training in which participants are trained to safely operate, use and maintain scissor lifts at work. The training method also enables employers to save money as they can easily arrange for one-on-one sessions with employees to acquire all the knowledge that they need about working with the lifts at their workplace. Scissor Lift employers benefit from this hands-on training because they can now ensure the highest level of safety and operational competence at the workplace.

Employers who choose to use the scissor lift training methods approved by the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation (BBSI) receive a number of benefits. First, all employees receiving one-on-one training from approved BBSI approved providers will be properly equipped with the necessary knowledge to work safely at their workplace. Second, workers receiving training from approved providers who have completed the scissor lift training requirements, will be competent to work without supervision to prevent any accidents at the workplace. Finally, workers who complete scissor lift training requirements and receive a certificate from an approved provider, will be capable of operating the equipment properly to prevent further scissor lift accidents occurring.

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