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A division of Discount Marshall Car Battery shop at Brian s Auto Centre Miami in the Gold Coast Highway, now open 7 days a week. For extended Roadside assistance, including location, telephone number and mobile servicing. For maintenance services. Hours of operation, shop location, maintenance schedule, emergency, delivery, storage & pick-up service are listed. For maintenance records. For parts availability and replacement parts.

The Website On The Gold Coast Offers Great Info About Their Batteries And Battery Related Accessories

This facility offers a wide range of products to meet any customer need. These include high quality car batteries, lead acid flooded batteries, deep cycle batteries and NiMh type batteries. The store also sells a wide range of accessories such as wires, terminals, kits, wires, fuses, battery fasteners and a full range of auto tools. The store also offers a large selection of discount automotive parts. They sell branded golf cart, boat batteries and security system batteries.

At the biggest and most trusted car battery parts dealer in the world, we offer quality products backed by a strong, experienced brand. That means no matter what type of battery you’re looking for, we can provide it. From small household batteries to more powerful and long-lasting ones, we’ve got you covered. Stop wasting time searching on the internet or driving all over the country, and instead start enjoying the convenience of one of our convenient branches on the Gold Coast, located just minutes from Surfers Paradise.

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