Plastic Tree Guards Protect Your Trees From Trash

plastic tree guards

Plastic tree guards are created by injection molding, meaning that each piece of plastic is identical, creating one solid unit. Plastic tree guards have gained popularity since they are extremely simple to install and use. They can be used on any type of tree, including fruit trees and ornamental ones. Some plastic tree guards come with a built-in spring system, which is convenient if you want the guard to last even during harsh winter conditions. Plastic tree guards can also be used on potted plants as a shield to provide additional protection. They are durable and lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport to the desired location.


We’ve all heard the saying” plastics will ruin the earth”. This could certainly be one reason for using plastic tree guards on your trees. By protecting the root system, you are doing your part in preventing more plastic pollution. Trees are one of our planet’s primary sources of food and other natural resources. In order to preserve our natural forests and prevent environmental pollution caused by improper tree removal, plastic tree guards are extremely important.


If you want to provide an added level of protection for your home and garden, or even for your outdoor space, check out plastic tree guards that come with a mesh or reinforced top edge. These models often include added mesh pockets and reinforcement at key points, like the tops of trellises and gazebos. The mesh adds extra durability and a smooth, rounded top edge, preventing sharp objects from penetrating the material and damaging your plants and landscaping.

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