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Form Boss has taken metal garden edging to a whole new level with the inclusion of a rust proof metal frame that is also rigid enough to be utilised around steel fencing. Formboss Edged Metal is resilient and strong, yet adaptive enough to allow you to Extend any shape you desire before installation! Formboss Edged Metal is also risk-free with a smooth rounded leading edge from 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm width, all connections and stakes are concealed behind this rounded lip. The lip provides an ideal place to mount your signage in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes and its non-marking finish prevents any marking from corrosive chemicals, grease or liquids.

What You Need to Know About Metal Garden Edging

In contrast to traditional edging systems, Formboss offers a more versatile solution, using steel as it material of choice. This means that Formboss can be used on either a flat or sloped surface and is therefore ideal for both commercial and residential use. Formboss does not rust or dent, making it a long term solution for your business as corrosion resistance is its primary selling point. In addition, the rigid structure of the metal means that your design will stay intact for years to come.

As with traditional steel edge edgings, Formboss offers a high performance product in a range of colours and finishes, including high gloss black anodized finish, matte grey and classic black. You can also request a custom-designed gate with a different colour of steel for a more personal touch, such as a company logo or design. With so many styles and shapes available, Formboss has the edge over traditional aluminium and steel edge products, offering a high performance product that is easy to install and removable during set up or take down. With a lifetime guarantee against rust, distortion and impact, Formboss offers a great solution for any edge protection needs.

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