How To Become A Close Protection Security Officer

Close protection security is an important aspect of your day-to-day life. A close protection police officer (CPO) or a private bodyguard protects you, your family, and your property against any perceived threat all day long. They ensure your personal safety and take part in your everyday activities. The primary duty of a close protection police officer is to look into your schedule to check on your personal safety and detect any supposed threat. They are also tasked to serve traffic violations and prevent crime within the neighborhood.

How To Become A Close Protection Security Officer

In case of an emergency, a close protection security officer will take over the situation by ensuring your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones. Therefore, it is extremely important that a person selected for this duty possess the skills of a good police officer and stay calm in stressful situations. You can ask for professional help from a training academy for this particular job, which can be followed by a few weeks of police training to enhance your skills. Some people may not have any experience of being a CPO, but they have good relations with the police force, which could translate into valuable experience when employed as a close protection security officer. It is possible to obtain a certificate for one year to two years, depending on the experience and physical requirements of the individual.

If you are thinking of applying as a close protection security officer, the process of becoming a qualified bodyguard or a CPO can take between two and four years. Most aspiring bodyguards and CPOs begin their training as a single line officer, who is employed by a security company as a hired bodyguard. The process of becoming a bodyguard or a CPO varies based upon the company and state, and you will need to consult with the relevant authorities before making a decision to pursue a career as a close protection security officer.

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