Getting Multiple Estimates For AC Repair


AC repair


Before letting anyone work on your AC, it’s best to get multiple estimates for repair costs. You’ll also want to shop around for parts and find an AC repair company that offers warranties. It’s also a good idea to ask about payment plans or financing options. Before settling for the first estimate, however, be sure to check into the company’s experience, reputation, and insurance qualitycomfortnc


If you notice that your air conditioning unit is making loud noises or isn’t producing cold air, you may have a problem with the cooling or heating cycle. It may have a faulty motor, or its belts could be worn. Excessive dirt and debris can also cause it to malfunction.

Another common problem is a bad thermostat. An improper thermostat can cause the AC to run continuously or on a short cycle, increasing the risk of breakdown. A faulty thermostat can cost between $60 and $440 to fix. A failing blower can also lead to AC problems, and can cost between $150 and $700. Another more costly problem is a deteriorating AC capacitor. This capacitor provides additional energy to start the AC and can be expensive if it’s not working properly.

The cost of AC repair varies greatly, depending on the type of AC unit and its age. On average, an AC repair will cost about $393 for a small window AC unit, but a large central air conditioning unit can cost $3,000 or more.

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